Friday, September 18, 2020

Tract Meet Diary

 August 30:  Clarity turned 3 today!  But that has nothing to do with my Tract Meet Diary.  I just want to jot down some of our adventures.  

 Today a little girl asked me, "Are you a whitey?"  I assured her I was, and showed my blue eyes as proof.  She just asked again, so I assured her I was and quit trying to prove it.  Paul wonders now if that means something we haven't thought of. 

I gave one tract to a lady and she started coughing and vomited (spit?) a few times. Hmmm.  

Paul had one little girl start crying as he gave her group tracts.  She said, "I read the Bible every night, but I don't understand it." And she left, but she came back soon after, and they talked, and she and two other children prayed and asked the Lord to save them. 

Tim and I got a bit lost.  We walked down one street, took a left and then a quick left to walk back, but it wasn't at all parallel.  According to my watch we walked 4.6 kilometers, finding lots of people to pass out tracts to, but not stopping long with anyone as we had agreed to meet at 6:05, and only found the car again at 6:23.  Tense times for punctual people.  

 Oh! Before we went out on the streets, we went out for lunch to celebrate our 28th anniversary.  We went to the V & A Waterfront, which is kind of fancy.  Tract passing does not tend to go well in rich places, but listen to what actually happened.  

 We had a place in mind, Hungarian Stax, but it looks to be a victim of Covid madness.  It wasn't open, so we hunted around for another place.  We found a seafood place, and Paul gave out a tract as the receptionist led us to the table.  A few seconds later, a waitress came over to our table and apologetically asked if she too, could have a pamphlet.  Then a second waitress joined her, asking too, and could they have three more for others?  Well, sure! We could spare them.  😁  A waiter came too, after a bit, to get one for himself.  So much for stereo typing people in the rich quarter of town!  


August 31st...not our best day.  It was raining, and there weren't many people in the community we were in, Retreat.  But we did not retreat from Retreat.  Instead we drove around in our car looking for people.  We passed things out the window to the people we could find, and got out at a few groups that took some foot work, and passed out tracts, including one nice long line of people waiting for food distribution. 

The bus station was a hive of activity, not like when the train was running, but still quite busy.  Many received tracts, some were glad, but I hit some real negative responses.  What's up with that?  There must be a reason, and I'll let you know if I find out. 


September 4, 2020  We missed the 2nd for torrential  rains.  We'd have needed plastic bags for each tract or they'd have been sogged up!

I just had a funny little thing happen. I was getting a tire fixed at the BP station, and afterward, after the fix and a tract, the attendant said to me, “Madam, I am young, and you are so old. So much older than I am.  What is the meaning of this sickness?” 

So we talked about if God sent it or just allowed it and he says he likes the work that I’m doing.  Nice guy.  But his opening line!!!  One of those funny little cultural bloopers for my culture that he doesn’t know he just made.  Came home from that, looked in the mirror and discovered I never put on make-up this morning so he can be forgiven for calling me “so old.”  😊

Yesterday while we were “tracting” I kept running into the same man, three different places.  The third time I jokingly told him he must stand still so I wouldn’t keep trying to give him a tract.  He didn’t smile.  He invited me in to his house pray for his wife Marlene who has cancer.  The doctors said there is nothing they can do.  So I did go in and pray.  End of story?  I hope not, though I may never find out the real end til Heaven. But I thought you might like to join me in praying for Marlene in Lavender Hill. 

 Still need to go out officially passing today.

September 8th, 

We often ask, "English or Afrikaans?" in passing out tracts.  Some people get amused by this, and try asking for other languages.  Twice people have said, "I want Spanish." and I have the joy of calling their bluff, by speaking Spanish to them.  

It happened again today, and the guy actually knew  a few words of Spanish, but just a few, and had to admit it rather shortly.  So then he tried French.  Now it was my turn for bluffing. 
"Bonjour" I said.

''Parlez vous Francais?" he said.

The only thing that came into my head was, "Cest la vie."  Then we both burst out laughing.  I hope that makes him extra eager to read the tract and follow Jesus. 

Paul was sick and stayed home yesterday, so Tim and I attacked Retreat by ourselves.  We were in one neighborhood where Tim had been before, but he was driving.  He said he thought at the time, "I wouldn't want to be walking in this neighborhood,"  but now here we were.  

Tonight Paul felt much better and was leading the pack again.  He said he had one bad experience, which is rare. He came upon a street game of soccer, and, as he approached, the ball came sailing toward him.  He helpfully, he thought, stopped it, and sent it back, and then tried to hand out tracts.  The leader of the group immediately refused, rather rudely, saying he was Muslim.  Others also refused.  Only after awhile did Paul realize the ball he stopped was actually in play, heading for a goal.  Oops. 

Tim and I met a terroristic pit bull that rushed the gate as we passed, slamming both front legs into a metal clad gate, making a horrific bang. I would have screamed, I'm sure, but I saw it coming so could just laugh at this dog who had his timing down perfectly to scare people. 

Today Tim had crowds of kids around him, thrilled to see the guy they had seen in school.  Tim does the liquor bottle "magic" lesson.  Today a boy asked him, "What size shoes do you wear?"  

"15" was the answer, and amazed the kids.  I told our little crowd, "I don't know how he got so big.  Maybe he was drinking giraffe milk."  They looked amazed by this, so I admitted it was just a joke.

For the first time ever, Paul had a girl ask him to wiggle his ears while out tract passing.  😊🙉

Another first today:  a boy showed Paul a picture of Paul drawing the rainbow picture.  Paul asked where he got it, and the boy said, "On Facebook." 

I saw an old age home, as they're called in South Africa, and just felt sorry for them still in isolation.  So I went to drop some tracts there, but I was beset with problems.  First there was a bee on the doorbell.  But he flew away when I reached up to push the button. Next, the man who came wasn't a Christian, but he said he'd take 50 of them 25 in English and 25 in Afrikaans for residents AND workers, so I'm hopeful.  













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  1. I eventually went back to check on Marlene. She has passed away.