Saturday, October 5, 2019

Wedding of the Year!

Yesterday was the wedding of our niece Ariel Elizabeth Huntress with her beloved Dayton Craig Haynes.  The lemon flavored birch tree cake was delicious!  

 My sister Wendy and my Mom have been doing prep for this all summer.
Other things had to be done a little more last minute.  

The Flower Girl was a major highlight for us.  Just the curve of her precious.  

 She is 2 years and 1 month and 5 days old, and she did a great job!
And then got wrapped up warm.  It was chilly out there on the beach.  
The stunning mother of the bride, making the groom smile as usual.  
The bride herself!  
 The lighting gave a silhouette effect, but it was just beautiful.  Good snuggling weather.
They each gave their testimonies making us smile, as well as letting us know their stories better.  Loved that part.

And then, in that wind right off the lake, they burned their bridges behind them!  Paper ones, and we all watched to see if the veil would catch fire too!  

The centerpieces 

 The main course was from Panera Bread.  It was YUMMY!  Everyone was exclaiming over the warm soup on that cold day.

 Ariel's friends came to help!

                                                    Family time was wonderful!
The father of the bride will get me if he sees this photo, but he's worth noting.  
The flower girl's shoe had a touch of sand in there.  

A pathetic member of our clean up crew.  

A job well done.  A new family well begun.  May God be praised.  

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