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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Holiday Happenings

School holidays are happening in South Africa. Here the whole country pretty much has the same schedule. 8 weeks of school, 2 week holiday, 8 weeks of school, 2 week holiday, then the winter holiday, usually two weeks, but this year it is 4 weeks since the FIFA World Cup Soccer games are being held in South Africa. Then comes 8 more weeks of school, 2 weeks of holiday, 8 more weeks, and then the summer/Christmas break.

You had to know that.

Anyway, since the rest of the world is having holidays here, we Youngs have caved in and slacked up a bit on homeschooling, with the intent of getting some projects finished. Evangel's projects tend to involve her video camera, so today we had 20 visitors in our house, all here to help with His Chosen the story of Abraham.

I watch my tall daughter in amazement at her poise, her organization (that must come from Paul's side of the family) and how she manages everyone. She is doing so much better in that area. I didn't see anyone cry today! The secret of her success: brownies and peanut balls. She has learned that boys particularly are much more mellow when she gives them snacks occasionally.
Danielito is the youngest actor. Here his mom had to console him a bit after the scene where the men of Sodom tried to break into Lot's house. It was noisy and scary!
Evangel getting part of her crew ready while Mom takes a "crane" shot from our upstairs apartment.

Johanneke delighted everyone by bringing Sergeant, her new puppy.

And there he is looking more calm.

Timmy and Oliver (Abraham, though not in costume yet) boning up on their sword fighting practice. This scene had a director's nightmare: goat heads, those pernicious little thorns that embed into feet and cause severe pain. They can pop bike tires too. Several kids had come without shoes, so we had to do some hopping and shoe sharing to get through it.

Moms and sibling pitched in to carry things to scene site.
There's me, the CREW. I found a really good deal on Peter Gird Production t-shirts at a thrift store, or a hospice as it was called. So I bought 5 of them, so we could look official. Only then did I begin to wonder if Peter Gird was a decent sort. I googled him, and found only an address, so we're risking it. What we really need is Mvangel's Movies t-shirts.

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