Monday, March 11, 2019

Three Hours at the V & A Waterfront

 What a treat for me today!  Josh was taking his GED exams in downtown Cape Town, so I decided to wait for him and save about an hour of driving back and forth.  I went to the nearby V & A Waterfront to see what I could see.
 I saw oodles and kaboodles of seals.  That's a highly unscientific numbering system, but when you only get to see a piece at a time, accurate counting is tricky.  I didn't get any wonderful shots with my phone, but there are at least 8 in this picture! 
 Table Mountain has its majestic table cloth (a cloud) on it, overlooking the whole city and the boats and all.  We climbed it last week (the back side) for blackberries.  I'm very content to just look from afar today.  You stand in the above frame to take pictures of yourself.
 What?!?!?  I never saw this before!  Maybe I can drag Paul down there to check this out.
 He'd like this!  He's a smoothie guy for sure!
 I tried a Hungarian Hatbread Stack.  My first Hungarian food, and I'm impressed,  If the Lord calls us to Hungary, I know I won't go hungry.  :- )    Notice the classy dining wear: a piece of cardboard.  We're all about recycling around here. 
 A whole army of beaded tall people.  When they make a Tall Small Paul, maybe I'll get one. 
 Rhinos abound to raise awareness of Rhino poaching. 
 This is a treat!  I started my 3 hours with a little sit down on these cushioned bleachers to use some free WiFi and get a bit of work done before I launched off to shop.  It was then I decided to blog my fun day. 
 Blown glass is so pretty! 
 Funny little beaded band of people. 
 I was tempted to get the cutie little dress with the mouse in the pocket. I think my Clarity granddaughter  would like it, but my main mission today was to buy surge protectors for our house.  It's not the most glamorous or exciting purchase, but necessary. 
 Ah!  A rare glimpse of me during my sit down time. 
 And who needs a wooden tie?  I'd have scooped these up for my 3 guys, maybe, but I'm suspecting they won't go for it.  I just sent out a survey, 2 out of 3 give it a thumbs down, one still hasn't responded.  Shame.  I think they're cute. 

 Check out the bags!  I see zebra, ostrich, springbok, and nguni ( a kind of cow) that I can name.  Pricey bags, but probably last awhile.  

I haven't been blogging much lately as I've had another project going.  I'm doing an Instagram account, having dolls act out Bible verses.  I'm getting some criticism for this one.  People are teasing me about going through my second childhood, but my niece Connie, 8, is in on it, so it keeps me respectable. 

 I'm enjoying it.  I'm learning about photography, sets, sewing,  the Bible Lens App (which Evangel recommended and it has been my lifesaver!) and the most important thing, the Bible!  It's a new way for me to study the Bible, keeping an eye out for ways it can be acted out.  It may be new to me, but I am realizing so many others do art with this same goal. 
 This is Prudence, the first doll in the project.  Constance is the other one above, and they're joined by others as I find deals. 
Not all the Instagram pictures have dolls, but most of them do. This one has Connie, a living doll, at a dam on top of Table Mountain.

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