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Sunday, December 23, 2018

More Kenya Comments and Candids

Week 2 saw us helping in a Camp that was within walking distance of the Osborne's home.  I was so glad!  I was struggling with car sickness the first week and then there were memories of a night drive through roads like this...
It's rainy season right now.  The corn shot up in the 3 weeks we were here and the people are knowing they are blessed. 

Josh got a private lesson in meal preparation, starting from Scratch, or with this scratcher.  He was a beauty, and he was delicious. 
 On to cheerier subjects. 

 The camp was in a Bible college, with the big meetings being in a huge teaching garage, complete with lube pit, covered over so none of us would fall in. 
 Then we had classes in smaller groups.  This is where we got to know some of the kids by name and learned more about them.  Tim's group had a nice meeting place. 

Josh's group met outside each day so he tanned up nicely.  He also braved the line to get biscuits (cookies).  
Week 3, Paul was off on a preaching trip to western Kenya, while the boys and I did a slot at a more local camp.  It was good!  But we sure know we have a long way to go to fill Paul's shoes. 

 I love the outdoor beauty here! 
 Now for a science lesson.  This is a worm.  It comes from the African Tumbu fly, also called the Mango Fly.  At least this is what we learned online.  I read about 11 different flies that can get under the human skin. This fly lays it's eggs on damp clothing, and then the egg burrows into the skin, and hatches into a worm.  Under the skin.  It's about the size of a piece of rice.  Guess who's skin this guy was, don't bother.  I'm not telling as I don't want to embarrass anyone, but sometimes this homeschooling science gets a little too real for me.  We're still hoping for healing without needing a trip to a doctor. 

 Finally, Merry Christmas!  This is Prudence, who is just launching out into a new little project with me, helping me teach Bible verses.  Stay tuned for more on that. 

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