Sunday, December 23, 2018

Kenya Comments & Candids

  Heading north from Cape Town it's about 2551 miles to Nairobi, Kenya!  It feels like a short flight from Johannesburg, South Africa, if you're used to hopping "the pond" to America. 
 Josh gets credit for most of these pictures, and this one deserves the credit.  Moth on Christmas ornament enhances the moth and the ornament. 
 Off to camp, which met in a school.  Signs keep me interested all over Africa.  I took this one myself, but Josh gets credit for loaning me his camera. 
 Our campers were enthusiastic! 
 My favorite object lesson on Isaiah 43:2.  I love the drama of the fire, as well as the lessons it teaches.  That's the camp director in the background, looking ready to run for a fire extinguisher. 
 Good ol' Monkey and BL (zeebub) were resurrected for the camps, but with new voices of Tim and Josh. 
 Josh tried to catch a motorcycle with 4 or 5 on it, but 3 men will have to do.  I don't think he got the one he saw with 2 live sheep on it either, or any with goats.  Chickens were just too normal.
 Skygo motorcycles from Japan (I think) are everywhere. They've changed the face of transportation in Kenya. 
 Josh, 17, and Tim, 21, are 6'6" and 6'7" respectively.  Their ages caused a hubbub in the camps, when the kids found out they were so young.  They were guessing in their mid to late 20's. 
 Tim teaching the story of George Washington Carver wearing a borrowed shirt from Dad.  Someone forgot to pack more than 1 collared shirt.  That led to a story we'll refer to in the next blog post. 
 Paul teaching at Emmanuel Church, with Gideon translating.  This was a Wednesday afternoon meeting. 
 Cozy bunch crammed in there.  Notice my face turned toward the window.  I felt sick quite a bit.  Nothing ever came of it, just yucky queasiness. 
 Josh helping pick up the rocks that stuck up in the road, so we wouldn't scrape bottom.  This is before we got stuck. 
 Who knew!  There really is a flower that looks like Horton's, in Horton Hears a Who, though maybe that one was pink. 
 Josh was intrigued by this fruit.   He later bought a ripe one at the market. 
It tasted a bit like passion fruit, though not such a strong flavor. 

 My three guys with the leaders of the first camp we helped with.  Formal pictures are appreciated. 
 Presenting a goat to the church with the best Awana program.  Appropriately, it was named Victory.  The church not the goat.  That  goat is Christmas dinner on Tuesday. 

Here's a glimpse of Victory's Awana program which they do on Sunday mornings.   It was an enthusiastic group!

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