Saturday, September 15, 2018

Stranded in a township

Two flat tires at once today!   In Khayelitsha, of all places!  I'll tell you what happened.

I was at home, having all the crises associated with a ladies' Bible study (We ran out of sugar for the tea and a ball the kids were playing with went over the wall into the neighbor's house.  Rather tame stuff.).  Our niece Gloria was going back to her house to get something, when she ran into her husband dashing out the door.  He said Uncle Paul had called for help, as he had two flat tires in Khayelitsha. if you'd like to know the history of Khayeltisha

The last time we mentioned Khayelitsha, it was when we went to a church there, and there were 13 taxi drivers killed that morning before we arrived.  It wouldn't be my number one choice as a place to be vulnerable, with a Jeep with TWO flat tires.

But it was good!  People stepped up to help!   A local couple helped by giving Paul a ride to a tire place.  A police man gave Paul a ride back to the Jeep, then he gave Paul and his sister Grace a ride to the school where they were to be speaking.  The school staff gave  them a ride back to the car.

Two of the people who helped refused pay.

All these helpful people were Black.  Racial tensions and horror stories are frequently in the news here, but the happy reality in this situation was kindness and helpfulness to vulnerable people.

We thank the Lord for His safety, and His people we meet along the way.  

 James went zipping over from home with that yellow coiled thing to inflate the tire. 

 It looks buried in the sand, but it's cement, not sand. 
Grace speaking in one school. 

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