Wednesday, August 8, 2018


 This should more accurately be called glimpses from a Swazi home.  I got sick soon after we arrived in Swaziland, and I didn't go hardly anywhere, so we didn't wrack up very many pictures.  On top of that, my phone was repaired recently, and it no longer takes any normal photos, only selfies.  So I raided Josh's camera for these glimpses. 
We are staying with Leo and Jill Baan who are a Dutch/English couple with that beautiful home you see above.  They and their 8 cats welcomed us.  Even with 8 cats, the mice seem to be everywhere!  A lady I rode with today keeps rat killer in the cup holder in the back seat of her beautiful car.  Hence we could get the close up picture of the cute little guy above.  I just need to think the perfect meme to go with those mouse pictures.  Any suggestions? 

 See those black flakes on the ground?  It's called "black snow".  It's the fallout from  the routine burning of the sugar cane fields surrounding the house in Nsoko.  Not the greatest picture, admittedly, but that "black snow" is worth knowing about.  It can wreck a load of laundry if you hang it on the burning days.  Actually, you don't even have to hang it.  The flakes can land on you and smudge and make more laundry.  The flakes can drift in the windows and make dust and messes in the house, but it's part of the process of making sugar.  
Most of the pictures were taken on evening walks.  The burning also enhances the orange in the sunset.  

So far, Paul has a nearly perfect record in Swaziland, in that every school where he asked if he could preach, has let him if they were open.  Only the army hasn't said yes, when he tried to preach at a base near us.

Thursday, 8-9-18, we plan to head toward Queenstown, South Africa, where we need to be on Sunday.  We are meeting lovely people along the way, including a team from Durban who came to volunteer in Swaziland just for a few days.  Josh enjoyed having some other young people for a few days.  Jill Baan and I have had good times together.  She took me to her Bible study, and craft group, and we've shared a lot with each other.  

 Paul and Leo have traveled to the schools and prison together.  Leo, 6'6"  is nearly as tall as Paul.  He has learned as few do, how heavy Paul's equipment is, and now has a sore back.  Josh went with them today, and I think he's going to carry that bag.  

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter:  Fear God and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.
Ecc. 12:13

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