Thursday, April 5, 2018

Zooming through Zurich

 Josh and I had an 11 hour layover in Zurich so we decided to get out of the airport and go exploring.
 I read up on the internet in advance so this church with the towers was on our hit-list.  Most of Zurich was closed for the "Holy Day" of Easter Monday.  But the church towers were climbable.
 We didn't do the boat ride, but noted how cool that they had these low boats that fit under the low bridges.
 The view from the top of the tower was great!
 I thought I could pick out the Matterhorn on the snow covered Alps in the distance.
 My nosey side loves looking at how people have roof-top rooms, and how they use them.
 The church was called the Gross Munster.
 Our one Zurich meal was memorably delicious, and memorably expensive!  I want to try it on Paul when we get home so I'm putting the picture to remind myself.
 At the top of the tower, we could see our twin tower across the way.
 A drone's view of Zurich, without the drone.
 "On the rooftops of Zurich, coo, what a sight!"
 The explorers!  Josh and I.
 And Zwingli used to live here.
 A pretty door.
 There must be some Spanish people around.
 It would be fun to rent the Lime Bike and explore that way, but we didn't.
 This craze of locking lover locks on bridges is here for sure...
 in Switzerland.
 I was so glad we agreed on meandering, exploring, and photographing.  Maybe I'll get some Josh's pictures here too.  Mine are just with my cell phone, so his are probably better.

Paul sounds like things are going well in Kenya.

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