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Monday, March 26, 2018

Where my phone has been

Yesterday, Paul preached in this young church in Kalkfontein.  Palm Sunday had it's palms! 

They had a wedding there on Saturday, so the church was still decorated all pretty.  I love that a man talked about that.  He said the couple who got married "was a little bit late", but they were doing the right thing. He asked if anyone else wanted to do it.  "Shacking up" is too, too common these days, and it was refreshing to hear someone offer the godly option.  

 They don't seem to have garbage pick up at all in this neighborhood, so the trash was DEEP!  I wanted to get a picture, without being obvious, so I tried my selfie skills, with not the greatest results, but you can get a glimpse.
 On Saturday I got to help with an outreach to women in the beautiful little seaside town (300 people, I heard) of Scarborough.  It was an ocean theme, so this is the little clams I made to bring.  Pinterest came through for me with the idea, but my cookies weren't exactly what I had in mind.  I was pleased to find little cake decorations that were labeled "pearls".  Just what the doctor ordered!
 My phone goes on Tuesday nights to Josh's self-defense course.  They tried to get me to join in.  No thanks!  I'd rather get attacked by strangers than classmates.  Josh gets a rough workout there!

 Paul and I got a beach walk.  Again, I sigh over my selfie skills, but I guess I have an excuse with Paul.  He's 16 inches taller than me, so we're challenging to get into the same picture.
 Noordhoek Beach is one of the prettiest in the world!   It has a shipwreck in the middle for some atmosphere, and a mountain sprouting right out of one end.  White, white sands are just beautiful.  We'll see the other end of it a little later.
 My phone comes with me to Joy Club, but I'm too busy to take pictures of the kids, I guess.  But a neighbor lady admonished us not to let the kids destroy this landmark.  See that thing sprouting up there?  It's the jawbone of a Southern Right whale!  They were used as property markers in the fishing village of Kalk Bay.  Most are gone, so this piece left in the ground is noteworthy.
 At home, I did remember to take a picture of our water saving fun.  I rearranged the kitchen so that I can catch laundry water in a trash can, to use in toilet flushing.  We also save shower water and dish water for the same.
So last week, someone messed with the buttons on my washing machine, and left while it was washing, and that trash can overflowed all over everywhere!  It went out the kitchen door and down the hall in the lines between the tiles.

 We had a meeting at our friend Louis Campbell's church.  My great grandfather was a Campbell (my grandmother too  :- ) so maybe Louis and I are cousins.

 While the big cousins went galloping along that gorgeous beach, 3 of the little cousins came with me to check out the snake park.

 The green mamba was the prettiest.  In a way.  It's one of Africa's deadliest snakes.
 Another day we went to sit on an ostrich so Hannah could get a chance at that too.
 The 4 little cousins met Tom Thumb, the smallest full-grown male ostrich in the world, according to Guiness.
 I dragged Paul out on the M-5 one day, instead of a more quiet neighborhood walk, so we could get his age in a picture.  He loved it.
 Hannah also got to try kayaking in the water near our house.  She didn't even tip over!

 We loved having her with us, and it was a good excuse to go fun places we hadn't been for awhile..
 like to the penguins in Simonstown.  We dropped Josh at a youth group there, and then walked around for the evening waiting for him to be done.

Jedidiah was our lone kid that evening, with 3 adults, and he enjoyed the taste of "only child" for a change.  Riding cannons is so cool!

I copied Hannah on this one, and I like my artsy picture.  I would have missed it otherwise.  
And the last place I want to mention that my phone/camera has been, is doing a little project with Connie.  We started an Instagram account for Constance (pictured) and Prudence, 2 dolls.  They're our Proverbs girls, and we're trying to put pictures with Proverbs.  It's harder than I thought.  
This picture goes with Matthew 6:19, as that picture (made of sugar) corrupted.  
"Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust (and water) doth corrupt...

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