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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The 2017 Year in Review

I'm copying Paul's writing here.  You might notice a certain difference in style.  He's more concise, a list making kind of guy.  Some add-ins by me, like the exclamation points  :- )

Jan. 1, 2017-gave out more tracts than ever before in a single day.
Jan. 1-3  Preached 31 times, mostly open air.
Jan. 5- a mild stroke.  An outpouring of love and emails
            more rest*
         Evangel, Ryan, and Holly visited
Jan. 16   Evangel found out she was expecting!!!  Thrills and chills!

Print Jobs in 2017
       51,000 This Was Your Life tracts
            29 K in English
            13 K in Xhosa
            9   K in Chichewa
       9000 Saving Faith, Does It Involve a Change of Behavior? in Chichewa
       12,500 Principles of Church Growth 
       22,000 How to Have a Time Alone with God

Some Statistics

Preached 461 times * The stroke taught me to slow down.  In 2016 I preached 626 times.
                259 places
                183 schools
                    73 new schools
                    64 churches
                    27 new ones

         East London
               worked with/stayed with the Goosens
               Enjoyed them!
               preached to 15,000 in 2 weeks, almost all new
         USA twice
              11 new venues
              Clarity Faith Ford born!
          Malawi and Zambia
               Joe Malete; his wedding to Blessing
              10 new schools,
               5 pastors' conferences
           Carmel, in George, South Africa
                fun new ministry with Dion Johnson and family

Enlarged my borders:  
           East London
           Back to the Bible Mission in Barberton
           Nelspruit with Lizelle
           Joe's area
           Malawi, especially pastors' conferences
           Preached in 107 new places:
                 73 schools
                 27 churches
                 7 other
           Becoming a grandpa!



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