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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Star of Light, behind the scenes,

(The following is a flash back to 2015, a blog entry that never got published then, but since we're rejoicing about Star of Light getting over 10,000 viewers, I thought I'd put it up now.)

Tension was thick at our house yesterday.  Evangel would only cast furtive looks up from her computer where she was hurriedly trying to enter subtitles for Star of Light.  James was summoned over from his house to teach and assist. 

I, the mother, was lecturing myself internally, "Don't nag.  Don't worry!  It's her project, not yours.  Shut UP!"  I have to be quite rude to myself really. 

I lasted until nearly 4:00.  The movie was set to show at 6:45, and I just HAD to know, did we, or did we not have an actual printed DVD of the movie that we were to show.  I asked in front of Paul, the father.  That was a good move.  Paul had not been struggling with worries or tendencies to nag.   He was Mr. Cool-as-a cucumber.

Evangel admitted, "No, we don't have a DVD.  I'm trying to finish the subtitles." 

OK, I could easily have panicked here.  I could have played the "what if" game. 
---What if the power goes off?
---What if your computer glitches?
---What if you just plain run out of time?  That's the way I saw, it running right out, without at least one safe copy! 

Happily, my man is not a panicker, not a nagger, or a whiner, but he is a man of action!  He told the two workers, "Print a DVD now."  I could have done it with a lot more noise and drama, "Don't you realize how late it is?  Do you remember you still have to eat, dress, and drive to the venue?  What are you THINKING?!?!?!?"  But he's a sweetie, and got the job done without much ado. 

The subtitles did not get done. They have to wait for another printing of DVD's, but the first DVD was printed with the movie, the "behind the scenes funnies", and some advertisements for other movies.  Now I could relax.

Then my relaxed mind began to wander ahead to Medway Community Church where we were to show the thing.  What if something went wrong with their sound system?  What if no one came?  What if someone said something rude to Evangel and made her cry?  Would I slug them?   That temptation to worry came rushing back, but it was helped this time by the fact I had to keep busy!  There was no time to worry.  We had to pack up food, pack DVD cases, trim the covers, slide the covers into the cases, change clothes, slap some make-up on, grab the staple of Young family life:  a Peanut butter sandwich, and dash out the door to Medway. 

It was such a fun evening!  I counted people, since I was setting out cups for snacks afterward, and we had 82 people there!  We had home-schooling friends, church friends, friends from Evangel's choir, from my ladies Bible study, and friends from church.  We had a few people we didn't know at all, and one family I met at a "boot sale" that same day.  I could tell we weren't the only ones enjoying ourselves because people didn't seem to want to go home afterward.   
Evangel's movie version of Star of Light is on You Tube, at that link above, and we're pleased it has now had over 10,000 viewers!   

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