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Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Name Changer

 When Clarity Faith Ford was born on August 30, 2017, she did a LOT of name changing. 
She turned us from Paul and Vicki into Grampa and Grammy!   Yee-haaa!  We like our new names!

She turned Evangel right into a Mom! 

 She turned Evangel's Mother in law, Sandy Ford, into a Grammy too.  (Please try not to notice that bulgy, ultra bulgy diaper.  :- )   Mom was still getting used to packing all the details for darling new daughter, and we had to go borrow (or should I say "beg"?) an adult one from a shelter.  How's that for humbling?  And funny.  It was huge on her! 
 Daniel Ford became Uncle Daniel...
 and obviously is doing a good job with his new niece.  Nothing more bonding that sitting around with  hoodies covering your faces. 
 Josh became Uncle Joshua, inTimidating Tim became Uncle Tim, and of course, Ryan became Daddy.  A girl needs a team like that behind her! 
 Ryan's two sisters went from ordinary girls to become Aunt Holly and Aunt Ivy.  (BTW, that's aunt in the New England sense, not "ant".
Clarity is obviously amazed and delighted to find she has so much power as a name changer. 
 My Mom was thrilled to become a Great Grandmother!  I suspect Clarity will just call her Grammy, but we'll see.  She could be More Grammy like my great grandmother was, but she doesn't like anything that implies. 

 Did  I mention that I was also thrilled to become a grandmother? 
                                       Four happy generations together. 
 Ryan looks like he caught on to the Dad title and its responsibilities within minutes. 
 My sister Wendy became a great aunt.  She's a good one.
We're laughing at how much younger we are as Grammy and Great aunt than our Grammy and Great Aunts were. 
 Ariel also became an aunt!  Second cousin just wasn't the right enough title, so she is Aunt Ariel. 
Yippee!  Three cheers for new names! 

For I am fearfully and wonderfully made!!! 


  1. You write such creative and interesting posts!!

  2. congrats to everyone. May the Lord guide and protect her through her life. I have 7 grandkids now from age 4 to 16.

  3. Great to 'hear'from you and at the same time be introduced to the family! Love. Lizelle Meyer and family