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Thursday, July 6, 2017

What's going on?

 God's answering prayers!  
is the link to see this chalk talk.  It's one of those sermons that can keep on growing as the Lord answers. 
 On Tuesdays when we're in Cape Town, we got to kayaking.  It's about a 30 minute walk from our house, and is one of highlights of our week. 
 Sometimes is just the four of us, Josh, Daniel, Connie and I, and other times we add in some Vats and a Labuschagne for fun, or some Johannekans for even more fun, but it's always a pretty walk around the vlei (that water you see there.)
 Connie and I have been doing a little cooking.  We enjoyed her turtle. 
 Daniel and Connie (otherwise known as "the cousins") have been joining Josh for some art lessons many of the days while we're home.  We use a book called Joseph The Canada Goose for the first part.  I'm getting some good goose artists!  Our goal is to be done before we leave for Malawi, so we are hurrying, and doing several lessons a day. 
 Speaking of Malawi....
 Paul preached in an area of Cape Town called Samora Machel (who was an interesting man.  I was just checking him out a bit on Wikipedia, in case anyone is interested.)  to a Malawian congregation. 
 His topic was Psalm 126, preaching about revival, and the link is 
 Their church was meeting in a school, and then after church they were going to pitch in to work on their block building they are building. 
 As part of our art classes, we're using Jon Gnagy on You Tube, and getting some good results! is for one of the lessons, though I'm not sure it's the one they are doing. 
 As always, we're hoping they can use these skills to Draw Others to Christ, and the boys are taking it seriously.  Connie declared it too hard.  She's six, and I agree with her.  She's doing a couple of easier books or cooking with me.  We may have serious hopes for these skills, but our classes are not somber, serious time.  They're loving them, laughing a lot, and hopefully, by the end, we'll all be saying "I drew..." instead of "I drawed..."

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