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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

She being dead yet speaketh

Yesterday was a little rough, with lots of "gotta get there on time" tension.

We had to leave home well before six, to race across town to Paul's first school with him scheduled to speak at 7:30 AM.  That's normal, but all three of us had to go with him which is not the norm.  I made breakfast tortillas the night before, filled with bacon and eggs.  I made one apiece for the boys and me, and two for Paul.  Note to self:  one apiece is not enough for teenage boys.  So on top of other tensions, tummies were growling. 

From school #1, we raced to the thickest part of Cape Town, downtown, to the Absa Building, a skyscraper where we had an appointment on the 21st floor.  I wish I had a picture because the view of Table Bay is pretty from up there, but we had other things on our minds.  Finding parking was a priority, then the sprint to the Absa building, passing security in the lobby, and going up the elevator to where we get to wait, get told we blew it, and leave. 

By then we're late to school #2, so we have to jog across streets and sidewalks, all in the shadow of skyscrapers, back to the car, and head off to find this second school. 

Tummies are roaring by this stage. 

Tensions were tamed though, every time we got into the car.  We had Rosalind Goforth's book, How I Know God Answers Prayer playing in the car.  I downloaded it from here at  The exact page is this one. 

How thoroughly refreshing!  Hearing her problems, and the Lord's answers to her prayers, put our own pressures and problems in perspective.  Their family very nearly were killed in the Boxer Rebellion of 1900.  They were beaten bloody, lost everything they had including some of the clothes they were wearing, and were very grateful to escape with their lives. 

Just after one of the Chinese attacks, their son Paul exclaimed, "This is just like a Henty book!"  Our boys have read some Henty books too, so the 100 year gap in our two families was bridged by knowing we read some of the same books.  We follow the same God, we have the same goals to lead many to Him, and to make our time count.  Cool!  History lives! 

I just felt the tension seep out as we listened in between each rushing session.  And then today I got into a conversation with another Mom, telling her about some answered prayers in my own life.  It was good to look back on what the Lord had done and remember, and share with another person. 

I saw on Wikipedia that Rosalind Goforth went to Heaven in 1942.  I mean, Wikipedia didn't mention Heaven, but you know what I mean.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to leave things behind that could still be helping people all these years after death? 


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  2. Good thoughts, Vicki.
    anonymous from muncie indiana