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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Homeschooler's Nightmare

Imagine the scenario.  You've been graduated from homeschooling for months.  You're enrolled in higher education, and suddenly, without warning, your mother has an attack of conscience!  She is convinced she didn't do enough crafts with you when you were a sweet little homeschooler, so she calls your 6'7" self into the dining room, where your 6'5" brother is dutifully waiting.  There before you is a slightly juvenile craft. 

Choices loom in your mind (I'm guessing).  Is there some way out of this?  Should you protest, "I'm a man now?"   

Maybe that verse pops into your head, "Despise not thy mother when she is old."  That's such a good verse. I'm valuing it more with every passing year.

So with all good grace, you cave in and make a little glass jar to look like a Lego man head.  Because of the good grace, it's a good time, a good memory, and not an ugly confrontation.
Still, I imagine you hope this isn't going to happen too often. 

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  1. Precious Timmy. Good job, man!
    muncie in