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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Jungle Journey

 Buddy and Loren Fitzgerald kept us for a week at the home they built in the jungle town of Puerto Maldanado.  Paul preached 40 times in 6 days, with Buddy translating for him for most of those. 
The Fitzgeralds builts this home, but it has quite a drama surrounding it.  I plan to come back to that, when the computer cooperates. 
Rough Day at the Zoo

 Josh may look like he's enjoying have TWO boa constrictors flung around his neck, but those of us who know him well, can see by the set of his jaw that he's strictly enduring it, being a good sport.  He wants those snakes OFF! 
 Most of the transportation in Puerto Maldanado is by motorcycle and moto-taxi.  These little taxis are fun and  an extremely affordable way of getting around. 
 The great paint disaster!  Josh and I were trying paint the porch entry into the house.  I thought I'd shake the can before I opened it--paint cans are always so hard to pry open you know--and I gave it a good, vigorous, kettle bell kind of shake.  Ka-splat!  Not just paint everywhere, OIL PAINT everywhere.   Add this to the Missionary Blooper list. 
We cleaned up and did the best we could, but Buddy was incredulous when the guys got home 3 hours later.  He wanted to know just why they now were the proud owners of a golden yellow step.  I'm blushing over this one. 
During our visit, one of the exciting things going on, besides people being witnessed to and some getting saved, was the chickens laying eggs!  The 3 little Fitzgeralds are very enthralled by the wonder of the hens laying and setting.  Truly God's ways are marvelous!  past finding out. 

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