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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Jungle Jottings

 Paul getting ready to preach to some school children outside. 
 Buddy Fitzgerald, the guy in plaid, translated most of the 40 times Paul spoke in 6 days in Puerto Maldanado. 
 We got in a walk with the Fitzgerald boys as tour guides.  They know how to walk in style. 
 I put a picture of their house in the last post, but this is the erosion problem threatening it.  Their neighbor's house is half at the top, and half is the rubble on the bottom.
 They are animal lovers!  Isaiah, Joseph, and Abigail are interested in a young hawk at the zoo. 
 See how close the erosion is to their house?  And it wasn't a slow erosion, it was a major cave in all at once! 
 But life goes on.  Joseph is pleased with her brand new soccer uniform for the team he's just joined. 
 You can see the river from the house, but that erosion/cave in is too close for comfort.  I suggested planting kudzu to stop it, or slow it down, but I don't know if that's a real option. 
 This group is the deaf group Paul had the fun of preaching to.  Daniel, the guy in plaid, translated with the help of the shorter man beside him.  These guys were so enthusiastic! 

They meet in this neat facility (below) which Daniel has to reach out to people to help them and introduce them to the Lord. 
We were loath to leave the warmth of the jungle to fly back to Cuzco, but there is a little last glimpse of the beauty of the region. 
I know the missionaries there need your prayers and mine.  They face challenges with insects, health issues, and caving in river banks that most of us don't have to deal with.  I admire them! 

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