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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Peru Snapshots

 Most days we are just missionaries, but on Wednesday we mingled with the tourists and became tourists too.  The train amazed me in how it had "upgraded" since I went to Macchu Picchu in 1988. 
 The wildlife is always of interest in a new country.  This tarantula made the mistake of coming indoors and being on our friend Rachel's towel.  Now if that doesn't give you the shivers, I don't know what will! 

 The mountains on the south side of the Urubamba Valley are scarred with roads and "invasion" people, people who have just claimed land and moved in.  The other side is greener, and covered with ancient terraces. 
 A Catholic church in San Sabastian, Cuzco....
 as compared with the more humble Baptist church around the corner.  We slept in the Baptist church for several nights. 
 It seems every town has a "plaza de armas" with it's Catholic church.  This one, in Urumbamba, is the center of town, where people congregate and celebrate events. 

These narrow, winding streets seem so ancient.  A car can fit down this street, but you have to pull in the side mirrors. 
 A chicken foot appears in our soup.  I am told the cartilage is super good for the joints. 
 Maybe I should go back to the market and pick up some more. 
 This baby had a good place to hang out while her mama was selling things. 
Markets have been organized into indoor affairs, and you can find most anything, unless you're looking for a frozen pie, or biscuits in a popable can.

I love wandering around the streets of Urubamba or Cuzco.  I love these people, and I feel so privileged to be here again.  I'm thankful that God guided us to come here, and I love the welcome of His people. 

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  1. So did you chicken out of eating the soup? :-)