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Monday, April 11, 2016

The Chronicles of Zambia

Zambia has got to be one of the most photographical places on the planet.  Shall I prove it? 
I plan to try, put not so much today.  I've been working and waiting for an hour and a half and only managed to get four ( I hope) pictures up, but it's a start. 

Josh with an elephant bone. 
Crossing the Zambezi River on a ferry. 
 A monkey visitor on our Jeep in Lusaka. 
Olivia, a new friend in Zambia, and a four year old, with a four. 
 Have you ever seen such a romantic puddle??!! 
 And here's some heart-throb eyes to go with the romantic puddle.  He's trying to figure out the musungu with the camera. 

Now we're launching into the culture shock section.  Paul preached several times in a huge settlement called Kaunda (I think)  .  They've had a cholera outbreak there recently, and when we saw how they were crowded in, with no plan, and apparently there are only a few wells where everyone must go to carry home their water, it is not surprising if sickness travels in a very crowded place like that. 
We tried to give a few glimpses into this community. 

Paul preached at Rockyview Baptist Church which was appropriate with the rocky roads.  the picture won't upload, but here's the yard that inspired it. 

 Roads were challenging, even for our Jeep.  We saw one pothole with a fire in the bottom of it! 

 Now there's a sign you're not going to see in America!  Now I know that different things are appropriate in different cultures, but this one gave me a jolt!    And before we had recovered from the one, we saw another one!  Same name, (the name on the right) but it was a hardware store.

Townships are not the only place for culture shocks.  Anyone ever seen a giraffe licking a braai pit/grill before?  It got my attention! 

So many more pictures I want to share!  Patience, someday we'll get a good internet connection, and I might even be able to post our impala stampede on video, and giraffes in action. 

The Lord is great, and His creation keeps fascinating me, and I love sharing it with you. 

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