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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Just for fun

The following is a fun little encounter I had while looking for an place to send an email to someone shortly before we left Tanzania.  Swahili is the primary language there and I only know a few words of it. 

Me:  Do you have internet?
Him:  Blank look. 
Me:  (distinctly) In-ter-net?
Him:  Karibu.  (Welcome in Swahili.)
Me:  WiFi?
Him:  Fine.
Me:  (pointing to a sign in front of his butcher shop)  Internet Café. 
Him:  (Studying sign)  cafe.  (Rhymes with safe.  Seems rather shocked I mispronounced it.)
Him:  (Showing me where the shop is, behind his) Closed.

Turns out he worked in the butchery. 


  1. Sounds like my conversations as of late. I am the one with the blank look!