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Friday, April 15, 2016

Beautiful Botswana

People who think the world is too crowded ought
to take a drive through Botswana.  You can go far without seeing any people or houses or anything manmade except the road and the telephone poles.  But we were thrilled to see 13 elephants, 19 giraffes, a kudu with a full rack and his family, zebras, and gorgeous birds. 

But first you have to get there. 

The ferry crossing is not long for this world.  A bridge is in the works, so this will soon be only historical way of crossing the Zambezi. 

That's our muddy Jeep coming off behind the 18 wheeler.  He had been waiting 2 days to cross south, where the people who are going north wait a week. 

There was a cluster of human activity at the border, and then we were out in the wilderness, driving through grass and shrub country, hoping to see game, but starting to wonder. 
Suddenly, there he was! 

 We never got over the shock and delight of seeing these giants right along Botswana roads.  It sure gives you a thrill! 
 Suddenly we were in a giraffe section, and had to slow down to let some cross the road. 

Please excuse the butterflies splatted on our windshield. 
 A rare view of a wild kudu.  Picture taken by Josh.  Actually, he took most of these as I was driving. 
 Is your head is in the clouds?
 We get to tell Timothy about our adventures every once in a while.  Notice the thatch roof.  I love the smell of those "bomas". 
 Can't forget the shorter members of wildlife.   This guy was chasing me (unknowingly).  He (or she?) came out from under a chair, with a headband of dust stuck on just so, and dust trailing from his hind leg, and headed for my toes.  I moved. 
 To put him (must be a him; looks like a him) into perspective...

The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.   Phew, doesn't He like variety?  and color! 

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