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Monday, March 7, 2016

Sunday in Rwanda

Our first Sunday in Rwanda, Paul didn't preach any where, we just went and listened in a big church.  This Sunday was different!  We were to meet Bob the translator at 8:00 AM at Victorious School.  Look how bright and educationally decorated Victorious School is.  I 
like it. 

 There's a nice review of the human ear. 
A nice little crowd wants to be in on the review of the ear. 
 The school mission was painted on the wall...
 and a nice little crowd wants to be in that picture too.  :- )   
 I like it!  "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly".  A little triangle shaped garden is just the place for some more richness. 
The walls are just covered with the alphabet, instructions, body info, etc. so we thought it was pretty funny to find this one:  We should not write on the walls. 
 The first place Paul preached was not Victorious School, but a polytechnic school.  Lousy photography, for sure.  I'm too timid about making a disruption, but it gives an idea of the place. 
 Church two was a boarding school, and Paul preached twice there to the boarding students.  At the first one, my photography was even worse.  Shame, because there were about 600+ students crammed in there, very attentive to everything, though they lost composure a little when they learned our Josh is only 14.  But outside there was this beautiful bunch of bananas waiting to be photographed. 

 A smaller group of younger children and maybe staff was the next place, at the same school. 

Paul and Bob preached and Paul drew. 

The fourth place was now in the afternoon, and your faithful photographer was not so faithful.  It was hot, and my dress was hot, and I got terribly sleepy, and there are no pictures of it.  Too bad because it was really a church, not a school. 

We didn't get home until after rather late, tired, hungry, and hot.  It was good to just eat some sandwiches and put our toes in the air and rest. 

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