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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Rwandan Remembrances

 We have started wending our way southward, but I have a few more pictures to share from Kigali.  Josh took this one through the binoculars, of the American embassy across town from us.  Nice to see the red, white and blue over there, waving in the breeze. 
 The tamest giraffes we've met in our travels stand watch over Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. 
 It's the rainy season right now, which means hard afternoon rains, sometimes producing flash floods like this one we had to drive through on the way to a school.  Kigali has thousands of motorcycles, and they just have to park and wait storms like this out. 
We kept going, but Paul couldn't preach with this rain thundering down on the tin roof.  No one could hear him. We prayed, and prayed some more, and the Lord stopped the rain. 
 This school has the distinction of being the only one in Rwanda where Paul could preach without an interpreter. 
 Our first time eating in someone's house in Rwanda.  It was a sweet time, and a very typical meal with rice, French fries, sweet potatoes, and stew.  But it also had 3 kinds of salad.  This was with Jane, the translator, and her pastor husband. 
 Paul's official (self appointed?) escort at a primary school. 
 After the rains, with Jane translating, this school was very enthusiastic and attentive. 
 Paul preached to a Christian group at a Muslim school 
 Josh wanted this picture for his Brother In Law--BIL--Ryan. 
 But of course there are dangers out here on the road.  What happened here?  We stayed at the little hotel behind this petrol station (for about $7.50  :- )  on the way north, and the top was fine.  But now?  People were still able to buy gas, but one of the pumps is tipping to the right.  Maybe the wind did this? 
 And there are the dangers of wide loads on the roads. 
 Gas attendants come in all shapes and sizes these days.  I liked this lady's outfit, and told her so.  She seemed pleased when I took her picture and gave her a Swahili tract. 
This picture is aimed at anyone who is a Jungle Doctor enthusiast, like we are.  Does Anyone remember his car, Sukuma?  which means "Push" in Swahili.   We just got a little laugh over this sign on a door in Dodoma.

       All the ends of the world shall remember and turn unto the Lord: and all the kindreds of the nations shall worship before thee.
                                                     Psalm 22:27

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