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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

More prone to Rwanda

Things are going amazingly well!  Paul hasn't heard a "no" yet.  EVERY school he has walked into to seek an appointment has either said, "Yes" or one has said, "Sorry, the principal is not here so we can't do it now."  He's still working on that one.

 We're falling in love with Rwanda a little more each day.  I didn't expect it to be so pretty.  Sunday we had lunch under a tree by this lake.  I took a video of the choir Sunday, and may get up the nerve to try to post it, but it's too long as is, and I don't have my "editor" with me. 
 Nice just to relax after a 2 1/2 + hour service in French.   I'm so glad Paul rested this weekend because every school day he just keeps filling up with schools.  He's just walking in, offering his services, and so far, every principal he's talked to has had him speak and draw for the students.  
 Josh thought the lake view was improved by a Fanta.  What do you think? 
 Check out the local avocados!  They cost about 13 cents each.  Not all bananas here are so tiny, but these were cute, and the passion fruit (I think) is delicious. 
Of course everyone is dying to know which perfume I use.  I endorse Peaceful Sleep, Mosquito Repellent. 
 I'm trying hard to show you our route north, starting at Cape Town, I highlighted it in yellow and have a pen pointing to Rwanda itself.  Eleven days of driving, averaging about 10 hours a day, but some of those hours were the four border crossings which took at least 8 hours. 
 Last night we took a walk a little before sundown and got in with the crowd going down to fetch water as well as the school kids coming home.   
 They were pleased to get tracts, and I was pleased to take their pictures and then they were pleased to see themselves in the box in the back of the camera.  It was pleasing. 
 Some of their parents wanted to get in on the tracts. 
 This little person laughed out loud at his picture in the camera.  Fun! 
 These brothers didn't want to miss a thing. 
 And this little lady only smiled when she saw how pretty she was in the camera. 
 We've been talking about bad roads, here's a local example. 
I'd hate to fall in there in the dark.  It inspired us to turn and head back up the hill toward home.  We didn't make it before dark, but we made it eventually. 

                                     The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord!

                            "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. "


  1. Hi Vicki Thanks for informative posts on Rwanda. Nick loved your 'prone to Rwanda' It is a beautiful country! Praise the Lord for the safe and smooth journey. margie

  2. Vicki, even though it has been YEARS since we were able to stay with you all in Capetown, I love, love, love following along through your blog. I feel like we talk daily since I read about your travels so much, but realize that we actually don't and that you should know who is stalking you from Virginia :)