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Monday, February 29, 2016

Prone to Rwanda-3 (random funniness)

 OK, not so funny, just interesting that the style of houses changed in western Tanzania from the classic hut to a lot of these low, flatter buildings with grass growing out of the top.  I have a hankering for a roof top garden myself.  They make it look easy.

 We caught a little snippet of the zebra/dog wars we saw in Lusaka.  Three of the four dogs were limping from zebra kicks while we were there, one of them permanently. 
Josh and I want to try one of these moto-taxis.  They look fun, but they're more in Tanzania than in Rwanda, at least as far as we've seen so far.  We haven't been to Kigali yet, and I think there are more of them there. 
 What's this?  An Alabama plate with a Tanzanian number taped on, apparently.  Huh? 
 Mostly all you see in Tanzania are 50 kph (31 mph) signs, so Josh snapped this rarity of a 100 sign.  (62 mph).  We raced across Tanzania, averaging less than 40 mph for the whole country. 
 A enterprising young Rwandese man, hitching a ride on the back of a truck up a steep hill.  Rwanda is called "The Land of 1000 Hills".   
 I've never seen so many banana trees as they have in Rwanda!  Wouldn't you like to trot down that path and explore? 
 I took a selfie of us in a garden.  I looked weird so Josh thought he could do better. 
Hmm, that may be better, but then again... maybe we need to work on our selfies. 

Paul is off preaching while Josh struggles with his "beloved" (not!) algebra and I'm trying to get  a prayer letter together, but I wanted glimpses here of the trip for anyone who is looking.

Any questions?  Anything you are wishing I'd take pictures of?  Any comments? 


  1. Love your pictures and love your descriptions! Thanks for a great introduction to Africa!

  2. HI! I was just wondering how's life without your eldest all married off?!