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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Prone to Rwanda--2

This trio of Giraffes reminds me of us, the Young trio on safari to Rwanda. 

 We hiked over to a nearby hotel to send and receive email.  The zebra seem peaceable when no dogs are around, but they have attitude. 
                        "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." 

We stayed in a hut like these at "King's Highway" near the border to Tanzania. 
 A troop of yellow baboons seems to make a living begging along the roadside in Tanzania.  We compared them to our own Chacma baboons in Cape Town and decided they look a little smaller and are less bold than our local baboons, and they do have a yellow tinge to their fur. 
 Giant Baobab trees are so impressive.  When we saw them in Zimbabwe, they didn't have leaves on them so we were surprised how shady and pretty they can be with leaves.  This isn't one of the mega ones, but I liked to see the goats gathered around under it in the shade. 

In the town of Morogoro, Tanzania we had our one and only flat tire.  Paul put "ATM" in the GPS as we needed to get cash to buy "petrol" and that GPS led us on a merry chase through washed out roads.  We not only got the flat tire out of that, but the little tire that balances the trailer got bent.  We were very thankful to get both things fixed rather quickly in this petrol station.  The guard to the right is reading a tract Paul just gave him, as are the two guys on motorcycles in the back.  I almost never take pictures of us passing out tracts, or of people reading them so even though Josh got his head chopped out of the picture, I'm including it.  He's standing by the tire that was punctured, so that was my excuse for taking this picture. 

It's a joy to give out tracts here.  People are delighted to get them, and they often ask for more for their wife or their friend.   It will be sad when we drive back through because we've already used up our Swahili tracts. 

One scene I wished I had on video.  Paul was giving out tracts at a truck stop town, and the guys on the other side of the road were watching and decided to get in on the action.  They came running, on bikes, or on motorcycles and converged on Paul to see if they could get one too.  Most of them did get one before he finally threw up his hands and announced, "Finished" when he ran out.  Sowing seeds, praying for a harvest. 

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