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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Prone to Rwanda - 1

 Ten days, each one averaging ten hours of driving, will get you from Cape Town to Rwanda. 
 We didn't realize rice was grown in Tanzania and Rwanda both.  Josh says it's intriguing. 
 We acquired quite a butterfly collection.  This is the grill of the jeep.  I had never seen so many butterflies. 

We didn't drive straight through, we stopped for eight days of preaching in Lusaka, Zambia.  Paul preached in one church and thirteen schools.  We stayed at a camping area with lots of game.  Several times we saw zebras and the camp dogs facing off.  The zebras always won unless a human came to back up the dogs.  Three of the dogs were limping from having been kicked by the zebras.  It was exciting to watch.   I hope to post a video when we have a faster connection. 

 Hmmm, there's a street you don't want to loiter on.  It was in Namibia, right before crossed into Zambia. 

The first stretch of road in Zambia was rough, with huge pot holes.  This one wasn't huge, but was the only we saw deep enough to warrant a flag to mark it. 

 At the campground, Josh stalked giraffe while I stalked Josh.
 I couldn't stalk him after the kudu as they are even more timid, but he went alone and got a nice shot of this elegant guy in his pin stripes. 
 The flies were quite bad, so we rigged up the mosquito nets to sit in when Josh was doing school. 
 There were hard afternoon rains so one day we put our cups and bowls to catch some.  We got about two and a half inches in each cup very quickly. 
Josh has been doing well learning to play the guitar on his own, but his Dad helped him out a little one night. 

I wish I could have put a picture of Josh killing a black cobra, but we were in a life or death struggle (the cobra's death) and weren't snapping selfies with the cobra.  It was under our trailer, and I nearly stepped on it when I went to check on our laundry drying on the trailer.  I screamed, and Josh came running!  He retreated quickly to get his sunglasses (in case it was a spitting cobra) shoes, and sword.  He dispatched that evil little guy in two whacks!  Yeah! 

More to come, but I want to post this while the connection is working. 

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