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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Cousin Camp

 I've been hearing about Cousin Camps, and my nephew Daniel's been asking when we're going camping, so the day finally came!  We went to Chapman's Peak Caravan Farm. 
 Here's the closest thing to a picture of the four of us together.  We picked a scorcher of a day to go camping, so as soon as that tent was up, we hit the pool, not much deterred by the green water. 
 The animals were fascinating to us city slicker types.  The tortoise was probably the only animal that didn't run away when "we" ran straight up to it.  "We" had to be taught to approach animals a little slower and steadier. 
 Our group was so excitable, lets just enjoy a peek at a peaceful dove. 
 I thought these pigs were the worst thing I've smelled in a very long time, but Connie said they made her hungry. 
 The geese found "us" rather startling. 

 The playground there is unique! 
 Josh was everybody's favourite.  He wasn't just helpful, but very fun too. 

Notice the bandage on Daniel.  I made sure he recovered before we went to a store. 

 Uno's always a favourite. 
 We were only away about 24 hours, but our family was glad to have us back. 
Nathanael is telling me how big he is, and I think he wants to be in on the next Cousin Camp.  Jedidiah has a ways to go. 

As for me, I have to recover from this one before I can get psyched for another, but I think we made memories in a big way, and I think the animals will remember us for awhile.  Happily, none of the cousins are strict about our outings being in a tent.  They like that, but they also like staying over at our house, or other places too.  Since we'll be tenting on the way to Rwanda, I might rather see what other type of place we can find to stay for the next Cousin Camp. 
Connie and the sheep! 

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