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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Reception Number 2

When Evangel and Ryan announced their engagement, the first South African question tended to be, "Where's the wedding?"  It was in America, in Maine, because of all the family and friends there, but we definitely did not want to leave out family and friends here.  So yesterday was the big day.  We tried to share the best of the first wedding, though I did NOT want to just stick in the DVD of the wedding as I was thinking that might be rather dull. 

The plan we finally came up with was

--a nice processional with as much pomp as we could muster
--a blessing over the couple
--a word from Ryan (Actually, a lot of words.  He shared his testimony and their engagement story.)
--a picture collage  with a tear jerker song that Ivy Ford put together.  Sniff,  it was wonderful.
         It had pictures of Evangel and Ryan from babyhood to engagement. 
--a picture collage with wedding pictures that Evangel put together, with a song too
--several games that we could play in a church, sedate games (no Capture the Flag) but fun
         and, of course, food and fellowship.

                                             Looks like a real wedding! 
 We were so glad the Frew family came.  Berdine and Michelle are some of Evangel's best friends, but we're friends with the whole family.  They are praising the Lord for the recent completion of their 5th adoption when little Lilia became officially a Frew.  They are missionaries too, both in South Africa and other African countries.  The wind was a strong south-easter all day as you can see by some of the hair do's. 
Cousin picture.  We have a whole series of these, and in most of them, Jedidiah is staring longingly at the flowers, longing to bite them.  Tim, Nathanael, Josh, Daniel, Ryan are the big guys,
and Evangel and Connie are the ladies while Jedidiah's the beloved baby, 6 months old.
                                                             The beloved bride
                                               Rebecca Espin caught the bouquet. 
                                   A complete dozen friends with Evangel
Daniela Hammond took a bunch of these pictures.  We decorated with a lot of pictures of the wedding. 
Dion and Johanneke Johnson are some of our dearest friends.  Their daughter Megan came all the way to the US for the real wedding. 
                          Josh was another photographer, getting the drone's angle on things. 
Evangel's friend Becky just became a Mrs. in December.  She was  a big help with the flowers and the make up department. 
Ben and Marietjie McIntyre drove FAR to come to the reception. It was so nice of them, and so nice to see them again. 
This is a certified sweetie pie.  I certify him myself. 
                                                   Evangel and Connie
This was a big day for us as a family, but I think it was most important for Daniel and Connie.  "Excited" is kind of an understatement to describe them. 
Evangel has babysat sometimes for Holly and her sister Jessie, and they love baking together. 
Berdine, Feylin, Gabi, Megan
A quiet moment with Aunt Joy who helped out in photography, officially, and other stuff as needed. 
                                              They didn't want to be too serious. 
                                                    The bridal party
                                                  We had 6 repeats from the original wedding, and 6 new ones. 
                      Impressive young men Oliver, Josh and Tim, with Daniel's back. 

In bed this morning, Paul told me the words to the third verse of Sweet By and By

          To our bountiful Father above,
           We will offer our tribute of praise,
         For the glorious gift of His love,
           And the blessings that hallow our days.

Truly we are blessed!  God has called us and given us a good path to walk.  Days like this when we gather with so many beloved people and laugh and enjoy the good, I just realize afresh how good our lives are, and what He has given us. 

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  1. This is lovely vicki:-) so happy for all your friends in SA (and evagel's friends)for the chance to attend her wedding...must have been special.