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Monday, November 2, 2015

Surrounding the wedding

 The brethren march through the Maine woods. 
 What a gorgeous time of year to get married!  A week or so before the wedding, we could see the trees turning colors.

I had wondered if we could use ferns in our decorating, but soon discovered a lot of them were not green anymore. 

The overnight guests stayed out at The Camp, which is generally only a summer home.  It has wood heat which was amazingly warm.  Paul was the fire man, keeping us nice and toasty.
Did I mention that it was cold?  It got down to 25 degrees F, which is way below 0 C. 
 The camp!

The RV where some people slept. 
 The bridesmaids manhandling the bride at a small shower for her. 

 Pippin wasn't exactly in the celebrating mood. 

The groom got the bride to the shower on time. 

 The dress cake at the big shower!  Not only beautiful but delicious--made by Sharon Rowles. 

This random picture of a stained glass window in the dressing room is just because it's pretty. 

 Other shower goodies all in pink and green! 
 There were lots of people there and lots of gifts.  They are blessed. 
 The sister of the future mother in law of the bride and the future mother in law of the groom with Claire in the background
Evangel and Aquilla having a chat.  The three South Africans, Aquilla & Gabi & Megan had only arrived that morning.  They were not acting jet laggy at all! 

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