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Monday, November 2, 2015

Just Married!

The Church of the Wedding!

 The World's Best Maid of Honor, Evangel's cousin Ariel.
Ivy Ford, sister of groom, good friend of Evangel.

 Holly Ford, another sister, another good friend!
 Gabi Labuschagne a friend all the way from South Africa

 Megan Johnson, a friend all the way from Cape Town. 
 Naomi Shorette and Dakota Knight do the flower petals in a sweet way.

 Dad and Evangel walking the aisle
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Ford
 At the reception, Pastor and Mrs. Charles Storey.
 Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Ford, Ryan's parents. 
 Ryan's truck was properly labelled. 

Ryan, Josh looking good in his first suit, and Daniel, Ryan's brother. 
 My sister Wendy and Sandy Ford, enjoying their twin dresses! 

 Caught red handed! 
 Budding graffiti artist :- ) 
Ariel did a great job with a fun photo booth. 

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