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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Introducing Ryan in Private

 It was spring in Newberry, SC, and a beautiful day it was.
Some of the family were gathered at the old Cornelia Street house and they all assembled out front to take a picture.  
 Some of them had to leave for the airport, but others decided to go squirrel hunting.

They didn't catch any squirrels...
 but they sure had a lot of fun.

Their faithful chaperons followed along acting like paparazzi...

 achieving unusual views of the distracted squirrel hunters.  One thing led to another, and a few days later, Ryan "popped the question."  Well, first he popped it to father Paul, and Paul meditated on that a little while, and then Ryan could pop the question to the interested party.
He's looking kinda smug about this I think.


  1. Awww, these pics are great! We are sooooo happy for you Evangel and Ryan! Praying for you all and lots of love from the Frews:)

  2. Wonderful news! God's richest blessings to all. Anita