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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hobnobbing with the famous

Paul preached at Sherwood Christian Academy for the elementary and for the middle school.  Sherwood is the  Facing the Giants, Courageous, and Fireproof  church so it felt special to be there.  Funny thing, for the first time on our trip, the ministry DVD didn't have sound when it was played so not everyone there is into video tech.
We also got to go to the set of Flywheel, which really is a used car lot!  And since we really were shopping for a car, we really did shop there.  It's really called Mac George in Albany, GA.  Really.
Albany is the first place I've ever seen a sign against Hoodies.  The kids and I are all hoodie lovers, but I never thought of them being criminal before.  Hmmm, can I still wear my Maine State Hoodie in good conscience?  I think so.
Sunrise through the Spanish moss has so much atmosphere!  No doubt about it, we were in the deep south.
But if there was any doubt, the confederate flags on the gravestones clued me right in.  I counted more than 10 in the church yard, not of people killed in the Civil War, but those who had fought in it.
After Albany, Georgia,  we dashed down to Steinhatchee, Florida,  for an evening service.  I love Steinhatchee.  It's on the Gulf of Mexico and has wonderful memories of vacation Bible schools, and one time Timmy was knocked down by a fawn here when he was two.  Scalloping with Brother Richard and Miss Gwen was one of my favorite things.
Paul's sister Joy was doing a prisoner visit in Florida, so she joined us in Steinhatchee which brought out more memories.  Eight years ago she visited us there, and got a free puppy who has grown up to be a great watch dog named Ariella.
Pelicans pose confidently for a picture at sunset.

Evangel joins their line up.

This Steinhatchee crab inspires me to tell about when we get crabby in the RV.  Sometimes it's a battle to remain cheerful and kind to each other sometimes when our "home" is jiggling down the road, three size 15 pairs of shoes are clogging the aisles, and we get on each others nerves.

Then other times we realize the privilege of rolling around the USA for these 4 and a half months, meeting wonderful people, telling people about the Lord, and having a house on wheels.  We're in a rare spot, as usual.  Paul's a unique guy, with a unique talent and calling, and he leads his family along in that unique life.

"In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God!"

Here is Pine Bluff Baptist Church.  They are dear friends, so kind to us over the years, and our visit to them was a real highlight of the trip for us.

~ Proverbs 27:10 ~
"Thine own friend, and thy father's friend, forsake not..."

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