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Friday, April 17, 2015

Believe it or Not

 There we are, all properly labeled.  We had hoped to get a family picture but the 18 wheeler was busy driving off as we were scrambling to assemble.  Two out of five isn't too bad.
 We thought this sign was kind of funny.  We were in Charleston, SC for about 12 hours, and didn't have time to see the Battery or the islands or anything much, but we picked up one funny sign.
Timmy has a new book that collects funny church signs.

 A week later Paul preached in Myrtle Beach, SC, at Calvary Christian School.  We seized the opportunity to take the kids to the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum.  We hadn't been there ourselves in about 20 years, so it had changed a lot, but was still the same idea of weird stories and interesting things.
 This little car was produced on the Isle of Man.  I'm glad my guys don't have to fold into such a small space regularly, but it would have been fun to try.
 "Oh say does that star Spangles Banner yet wave..."  This was very cool, and very patriotic, but it's a bit of a fake.  The license plates are plastic, not metal, made to look more real with brown paint to "age" them.
 This tunnel was black light purple, but I had to use a flash.  It makes you feel like you're tipping over.  It used to be like a brown barrel, but has upgraded to flashier colors.  Still makes me nauseous.
Got a cavity?  
Paul with "the Alton Giant" statue.  Robert Wadlow was the tallest man in modern history at nearly 9 feet tall.  It's rare to see Paul look like a shrimp, but there he is!   Their measuring stick must be a little off though, Paul's 6' 10" and this makes him look 7' tall!

                                                    "He hath done all things well."

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  1. We have a pic somewhere of Paul next to a live man that made Paul look short.