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Friday, April 17, 2015

A Museum of Chalk Art!!!!!!

 Yesterday we "crashed" a chalk art seminar in Winston Salem, North Carolina.  Paul was preaching in a Christian school and the seminar, run by Matt Bowman of was teaching.  They got Paul to do a quick demonstration.   Matt also was extremely generous by blessing us with 2 big boxes of artists' chalk, which he makes, and 100 pieces of bogus paper, the gray stuff Paul likes best.

Before we left, we collected over 100 pictures from other chalk artists, and I am posting almost 30 different ones, enjoying the variety, wanting to inspire others to the much beloved method of preaching with chalk talks.  Most chalk artists do pictures double the size of Paul's.  We cut the bogus paper in half, as Paul often needs to be speaking in 2, 3 or even 4 different places in a day, portability is big with us.

 This one reminds me of Paul's sermon on Psalm 90, about the brevity of life and making sure you're ready for the next one.
I love the colors in this one.
 Dear deer.  There are usually hidden pictures in clouds like this, that only show up using a black/UV light.  Matt Bowman teaches students how to hide the pictures.
 Pink and blue are my favorites!  I wonder what this sermon was about.
 I love this yellow tree!
 Mr. David LeGrand owns the home in Salem Winston where the seminar was given, plus he owns this chalk art collection.  He builds easels for chalk artists, too.
 Josh said the classes were held "in a bunker".
 Little bird with a message.
 Lighthouses are popular topics.
 Beside still waters (By the way, I'm just guessing or making up titles.  I haven't heard the messages that go with them.)
 This shows how they are displayed.
 That's a unique one!
 Olive grove?
 Mounting up on eagles' wings.
 This one makes me hot!
 It's rather rare to see animals in these.
 Matt Bowman has lessons on DVD with lots of help for the unartistic too.

 Current events get chalked too.
 Notice how long some of these have lasted--that little 1993 shows.  Paul has some chalk drawings he has been using longer than we've been married, so more than 22 years.
 Another wow!
 Con Cristo en tu barco todo marcha feliz.  (With Christ in the vessel you can smile at the storm.)
 Some of them signed their work.  Paul only does it if pursued with a pen.
 I'm really curious about this one!
What a thrill to see such an organized group of people pursuing chalk skills together.  We're so thankful we got to go.
They had this verse posted over a rafter, "The hearing ear and the seeing eye, the Lord hath made even both of them."  Amen!

If anyone wants info on another chalk talk seminar, we can link you to Matt Bowman at   They're not frequent, but he'd know where to look for them.


  1. Hello! I remember Tall Paul coming to my school when I was younger. I got one of his prayer cards and try to pray for yall every night. I was wondering what was going on with yall since I was in school (probably 15-20 years ago since I saw you last), and I decided to look you up on the internet. I'm very glad that you are still an evangelist, and are still pushing on for the cause of Christ!! I got saved last June. I struggled with the assurance of my salvation for a long time, but then realized that I was struggling so much because I wasn't saved. I praise Him for His amazing peace!!

  2. What a feast for the eyes (and heart!). Thanks for posting.