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Monday, March 9, 2015

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

 Thrillsville!  We got to go to Maine!  Maine's having it's deepest snow in about 100 years, and we got to see it.  For the kids, this was already on the schedule:  a trip to visit their grandparents and other important people in Maine.  For me it was a last minute decision to go along as my Dad had been hospitalized with some mysterious bleeding.  When he started having pneumonia, I thought I needed to go too.
 It was our first time to see their ol' homestead, established in 2014.  My parents and sister and brother-in-law moved in here in October and I was tickled to be able to see where they live.  We were all pleased when my Dad got out of the hospital and was in reasonably good shape for our 8 day visit, though the bleeding started again and he was back in ER the day we left.  He's 89.  "If by reason of strength they be fourscore, yet is their strength labour and sorrow"...Ps90:10.
 I enjoyed a few walks in the winter wonderland.  The best one was out on the lake at their "camp", but I didn't bring the camera.  Good thing because we ended up rolling off the ice as we were falling through to a slush layer which sucked my boot right off!
This trail above was made by a snow mobile so was hard packed enough to walk on, without going up to our thighs in the snow.
 The white birch trees were pretty in the snow.
 My Mom's wreath added a spot of color to a largely black and white landscape.  I love and admire their decorating style on this new house.
 I'm so glad the boys got to make snow angels.
 They discovered the easy part is flopping down and flapping.  The hard part is standing up again without ruining your angel.
Last and least, I thought some of my lady friends in South Africa would just like a glimpse of how they get mail and send off their trash with all this snow around.  My family uses a snow blower to clear away enough snow to find the mailbox, and then the trash goes in that cleared out nook too, to be picked up on Wednesdays, I think.

I loved seeing our kids impressions of things, and excitement over the icicles.  Hopefully I can post a picture of an icicle over 6 feet long that the kids picked and posed with.

It was a wonderful thing to be with family we haven't seen in nearly 2 years.  I thank God for a loving family.

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