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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The month at a glance

 Our computer has been acting up this month, particularly in that it wouldn't admit my picture card was in there, so I didn't blog for the whole month.  But Nathanael's 2nd birthday must be mentioned.  Evangel decorated him a whole range of t-shirts with the TWO theme. 
 His parents threw quite a party for him!
 Josh played with all the little guys, and it looks like cousin Daniel flattened him. 
The pinata was the highlight of the party!  Everyone got a whack at it, and no one got hit over the head. 

 On the 26th we gathered with other homeschooling friends for an over-nighter on Table Mountain.  This was daunting for me, but it was worth the agonies.  Dad stayed home to preach and to miss the agonies. 
 Even the teens had to take plenty of breathers along the way.  Evangel and Gabi were the girl crowd, while we had our Tim and Josh and thre of their friends, Luke, Oliver, and Daniel.  Three adults to teach them patience and our crowd was complete. 
 We made it to the Scout Hut!  I just couldn't go up those last few steps for awhile. 
 It was so hot at the bottom, but surprisingly chilly on top.  The kids played lots of games in between hikes. 
 Evangel, Tim and Josh atop McClear's Beacon, which was more McCloudy that day.  It's the highest point on Table Mt.  and was my first time there (and maybe last?)  I hear the view is amazing, but for us it was the cloud we saw. 
 Proteas!  A rare flower in most of the world, but abundant on Table Mountain. 
 Day 3 we started down again, across a dam. 
 Cape Town came into view, and a tiny yellow helicopter.  The kids' youth leader Jason was in it! 
 Josh made his first pie from blackberries we picked along the way. 
 Back to work at home...uh, Josh?  You call that working? 
 Evangel organized us for another family photo. 
 My Christian book club was at our house this month, and Pinterest inspired mini books and bookworms. 
 It has been HOT many days, and swimming is a joy.  Daniel has become a confident swimmer, and Nathanael thinks he can do anything.  Mom's (Gloria's)not convinced. 
Connie is about to turn 4, the princess of the family.  She's a charmer for sure. 

I have no pictures of our outreaches this month, just the play pictures.  Maybe the next ones will be in America. 

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