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Friday, October 3, 2014

Ostrich Egg for Lunch

 While Paul was speaking/drawing in Oudtshoorn, the ostrich capital of the world, we bought a full ostrich egg to bring home to share with the rest of the family.  First we had to drill a little hole. 
 Then we had to goof off a bit with fake mustaches and lips.  Nathanael was a little puzzled about his blue mustache.  We watched while James drilled a bigger hole, and then....
 Josh blew it out withe a straw.  Next thing you know, we had....
 ostrich egg quiche!  We got 8 little one, with cheese, and
 two large ones, with spinach and cheese, and still had enough egg left over for scrambled eggs for breakfast!  Wow!  One ostrich egg is supposed to be about 24 chicken eggs. 
 There were Sunny-side Up "Ostrich Eggs" for Dessert.  Daniel was uncertain about this at first. 
 When he discovered what they're made of, though, he tucked right in! 
Don't they look like real eggs?   We want to serve them to everyone now.  We did add a little fructose to the yoghurt as it was without any sweetener.

                 This is some good merry-heart medicine for anyone who needs it. 

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