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Monday, September 15, 2014

To the South!

 Sounds like a Civil War battle cry, "To the South!" but that's the beautiful South African flag waving.  We zipped down to the southern-most tip of Africa yesterday after church. 
 Cape Town is pretty southern-most too, but Cape Agulhas sticks out a bit.  Enticing weather called us out of the car and into the scenery.  I love the board walks. 
 Cape Agulhas has been on my bucket list for years, but I' afraid it's not off yet.  We already want to go back again. 
 The lighthouse was climbable, and had a museum full of fascinating factoids. 
 At the very tip there is a monument...
 which you can read if you zoom.  It points left to the Indian Ocean, right to the Atlantic.  There was another sign telling of all the ship wrecks that happen just off this coast, in centuries gone by, and still happening in this century.  It's not called the Cape of Storms for nothing. 
 A glorious day, with a high climb ahead.
 Though looking at the poster above Josh's head, the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse is sort of small by comparison.  It's the red one as it compares with other lighthouses around the world. 
 But it doesn't feel small when you're climbing the 4 long, steep ladders to get up there!  I found it quite scary. 

Notice how there are no pictures of Tim at the top.  He is there in this one, in the little car furthest to the left.  He avoids heights all he can, and he has my sympathy.  I got trembly at the top of this one. 

On the way home, we did a good deed for mankind, having killed about a million bugs on the front of the car.  Nastiness.  But also fun to show Americans how we still get gas attendants who will clean the car windshield.  One of the little luxuries of Africa that we don't have in the States.

So we went to the end of the earth. God looks to the ends of the earth, and sees under the whole heaven (Job 28:24)  That's either comforting or scary, depending on how we're doing in His eyes.

Psalm 48:10  "According to thy name, O God, so is thy praise unto the ends of the earth, thy right hand is full of righteousness."

Anyone want to go more south than this?  I wonder if ANY missionaries have ever gone to Antarctica.  Anybody know? 

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