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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Funny from the field :-)

It's raining buckets today, during the winter school holidays.  Paul normally goes to the prison to preach and bring them Christian reading material during the school holidays.  These guys are thrilled!  It's too wet for their exercise time outside in the courtyard, so they give him quite the welcome.

Today, one guy gave him a unique welcome.  He was small and muscular, and when Paul entered the cell, he just launched up into his arms!  Paul said it felt like a chimp.  He just held him for a second, and the other guys in the cell just laughed and cheered.

Well.  That's a nice friendly "welcome to our cell".  Truly, they are bored and grateful for a big guy with Christian newspapers, tracts and booklets he's written.  They love to imitate him and call out, "To read, not to smoke." in their best American-imitation accents.

We're not usually allowed to take pictures in there, so you just get to imagine it, or peek at old pictures on our website. 


  1. Hope nobody gives me that welcome when I go there next time. I don't welcome anybody when I go visit in prison that way. :-D And don't forget "If you mess up, GET UP, don't GIVE UP."

  2. Yeah, I'm not comfortable with the thought of you getting welcomed so warmly either, Auntie. You might need to plan a swift reaction just in case. But I can see why they'd hug Uncle Paul so impulsively! Haha!