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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Our Glad Grad

 We have had our daughter Evangel for over 18 years now and I still like telling her birth story.  Partly just because it's a good story, and partly cuz it's fun to see her blush.  Evangel was born the 9th of October, 1995, 11 days before her due date. 
 She was born the same day we decided to go see the Grand Canyon for the first time.  Truthfully, I was a little distracted from the wonders of the Grand Canyon.  We finally left the Canyon, with just a quick stop at McDonald's, when my contractions were about 6 minutes apart.  What were we thinking?  You have to wonder.  We drove about 5 hours across Arizona, to Gallup, NM, where I gave birth at 8:30 in the evening. 
It's so fun to embarrass her.  If I just told that much each time, she might not blush.  But she's brave enough to wear grad gear in our public park, so she isn't too timid.
 Evangel's our child with fingers in every pie, literally!  She's cooking a lot lately.  She may have graduated in the sense that she finished all her curriculum, but now she's doing a post-graduate culinary science course that means a lot of cooking.  She's got oodles of craft projects in the works and a movie she's editing too. 
I like her new devotion to her brothers. She has set aside Sunday as "brother day" to help them with their projects.  That's special.  I've never heard of another girl doing that, and I just love it.  If I try to schedule anything on Sundays, someone, usually Josh, says, "Wait, that's brother day."  Sweet.  
 In the past few days she had jogging dates with Becky, tract passing dates with Feylin, and get togethers with Mrs. Ross.  She does crafts with Eleanor and chipped in to help with the little guys during our ladies Bible study.  She rescues me on the computer more often than I like to admit. 
She's the light of our home, our beautiful, talented daughter who walks in the fear of God, eager to do His bidding.  We just thank God for her! 

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