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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Camping with the Collins in the Karoo

 The Karoo is the semi desert to the north of us here in Cape Town.  We were invited by our friends Nick, Margie, and their son Oliver Collins to spend the weekend with them. 
 We in turn invited our little 5 year old nephew Daniel.  I was a bit nervous about how we all would mesh, 4 adults, eager for relaxation, 5 teens, eager to giggle, and one 5 year old, eager to be included in all.  I need not have worried, everyone got along great!
 Daniel hiked the trails with the best of us, climbed the rocks and the water tanks, and learned to play Uno with the guys. 
 He had a faithful little follower who he didn't much like because it jumped on him.
 And a whole group of big people to do whatever he needed done. 
 He enjoyed having a stick like Josh. 
 Instead of the puppy, Daniel liked this white cat.  I detested the cat at first, because it howled non-stop.  Then we fed it, and it got quiet.  Apparently the animals had been alone awhile and were starving.   I came to like that patient cat.  It let Daniel carry it all over the place.  It even let him catch it out in the bushes, though they gave me a bit of a start when I saw them out far from the rondavels once.  A leopard was photographed on this land recently so I didn't think any small people should be off alone in the bush.  
 Evangel and Daniel gave the outdoor tub a dry run. 
 It was also our first overnighter out in our new red car.  We hooked the trailer on so we could bring as many blankets as we wanted to. 
 Daniel and Evangel shared this little rondavel. 
 Daniel wanted pictures inside too, to show his Mom. 
 The Karoo looks so dry and brown from a distance, but we did some nice hikes and saw brilliant little flowers along the way. 

 Nick cooked the meat over the fire fire, and Daniel enjoyed hanging with his buddy Josh.  Simon and Oliver seemed OK with the little guy too. 
Nick and Margie were our host and hostess and are dear friends.  They took us to see these bushmen art paintings in the cave.  How cool!  I wanted Paul to bring along his chalks and add some more artwork, but that fresh art is frowned upon.  Wonder why.  :- ) 
When I consider thy heavens, the works of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained, what is man that thou art mindful of him?                       Psalm 8:3-4a

I'm glad He is mindful of us.  I like that my Creator cares about us, enough to give us this beautiful world to live in and explore. 

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