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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things ♪

We've been home for more than 2 weeks now, and
 the happiness hasn't worn off.  I like seeing my own lace curtains in the windows.  I don't know anyone else with chilli pepper lace curtains in their office, so I feel a bit racy with these, though very old fashioned with the lace.  It's a warm fuzzy combination, and also a rather economical window dressing for South Africa. 
 I like seeing my boot sale find in the window too.  Boot sales are like yard sales only people gather together and sell things out of the "boot" (trunk)  of their car.  I need to do a post on our favourite boot sale which is the 3rd Saturday morning of each month so once in a while my niece Gloria and I go and look for deals.  These blue things that the sun can shine through are some of my deals. 
I like my special tea cup that my friend Linda Ronning gave me years ago, and I like being home with my washing machine.  I used to complain about this machine as it was a little culture shock that the "quick wash" takes 55 minutes.  It's a German machine, a Bosch, and does a thorough job.  Anyway, a good long trip where I do most of the washing by hand is a sure cure for complaining!  That washing machine spins things drier than my wringing ever does, and I don't get sore hands. 
We are blessed!  Nothing like doing without to make all the common things of life new again.  I'm always thankful we lived in a motorhome for 3 years.  After that everything feels big, but we also have nostalgic feelings for those RV years.  It looks like we're going to get to stay in an RV again on our next trip to the USA.  Yeah!  Josh has no memories of those 3 years as he only got in on the last 5 months, so we're going to try to make him some memories. 
I imagine others will be saying, Ouch, the gas will be expensive, and we'll be thinking, "Wow, thankfully the gas is about half what it is in Africa."  It's all in the perspective.

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