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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Joys of Joy Club

 On Thursday afternoons we join with the Apps family at a Bible Institute and have a Bible club. 
 These little cuties can give you a run for your money! 
 Pippa Apps (left) is the organizer of this club.  She just loves these kids. 
 We didn't play all the time, but we only took pictures during play time.  Winter is settling in on us. 
 Notice Tim in the background with a child dangling over his shoulder.  They LOVE to be carried, in whatever way. 
 Sarah Apps puts up with a lot and appears to be enjoying herself. 
 Evangel piled a load on too.  Notice how I'm not naming anyone.  That seems discreet and safe.  Plus they have a lot of names I can't pronounce or remember. 
 Please pray for these kids.  They need to know the Lord, for real.   We'd love to hear that our children walk in truth. 

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