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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Increasing in wisdom & stature & favor with God and man

 Joshua turned 13 on the 21st of May!!!  Our traditional celebration involves a game of Capture the Flag at the beach near our house, and then a big squish back inside to play games and eat cake.  I counted 29 people we had in our house this year.  We've had 35 before, but the people are getting bigger and the apartment isn't. 
We were 10 days late with our party, giving Josh time to recover from having his foot run over by a car.  Our friend Oliver turned 17 on the 22nd, so it was a joint party.  Oliver (in the plaid shirt above) was deathly sick on Monday, and there was a fear it was meningitis but he's doing much better today. 
Joshua got a remote control UFO.  We're hoping this might be helpful in drawing crowds sometime, but it's rather tricky to drive. 
We're thankful for Joshua John. He really is growing in wisdom and stature and in favour.  He's a few inches taller than me, but I still outweigh him.  What a dubious claim to fame. 

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