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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Baobab Beauties

 We are safely back in Cape Town now, but having fond memories of our Zimbabwe days.  As we were leaving, we had to stop to get our picture taken with an immense baobab tree.  We thought this was a good one,
 until we saw this one!  Doesn't this make you want to build a big ol' tree house?  Like Swiss Family Robinson!  And for Zimbabwe, this isn't even a record breaker, it was just a convenient, right by the road, big Baobab Tree. 
These marvels look a bit like they're upside down, with the roots in the air, particularly right now, as they didn't have much in the way of leaves in the autumn months.  I just read on Wikipedia that South Africa has the 2 stoutest trees in the world, both baobabs, in the Limpopo province, one with a diameter of 52 ft!  Our specimen in picture might be considered two together, I don't know, but it makes me hum that song, about the dry bones, that says,
                                           "See the works of the Lord!"


  1. Great pictures! (as usual) Those trees are amazing, and certainly do showcase God's immense creativity. And yes, now that you mention it, they DO look upside down!

  2. Absolutely stunning tree and family! :-) "family tree" :-P

  3. Thanks Feylin. I'm looking forward to your birthday party Sat. Should we bring any thing to eat?