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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Snaps of Zimbabwe

 Today, the 13th of April,  we were at Ebenezar Baptist Church in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. 
 There's nothing like the view of a thatched roof from bed!  I don't know what the snow affect is, dust?  It's not on my camera. 
 I'm reading David Livingstone's book Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa and he comments on every animal and bug he sees, so I took a picture of 3 moths.  David Livingstone would tell you the Latin names, so in the same spirit, I will tell you there are two normal moths and one really, really big one. 
 Paul with Pastor Dubay before church this morning. 
 Somehow we wandered into the red light district.  :-)  I think it was advertising an electrical store. 
 Tim and Evangel squished in the back of the car kept in high spirits, even when their heads hit the ceiling because the road was so rough. 
 Josh got some "help" with his school work from a cute little 3 year old. 
 Evangel is editing hours every day, working on her movie based on the book Star of Light. 
 Tim bodyguards me and helps tote groceries when we take the path to town. 
Yesterday we had a little robbery attempt that left our hearts pumping.  Some guys came to both sides of the car, and one reached for my purse.  I use the old "twist the pinky" move I learned from my cousins when we threw each other off a raft when we were kids.  He didn't get anything, and I only got a little bruise somehow in the tussle. 
As he walked away, we realized Evangel had just been on the street with her computer, and we tried to whip the car around to make sure she was OK.  That car couldn't whip, there were too many people around.  But she was OK anyway.  Thankfully she had rushed inside just seconds before the thieves made their move and didn't even know it had happened. 
Tonight we are staying at a place with an internet connection for the first time in a while, so we seize the moment and use it like crazy, then it's back to sporadic visits to internet cafes for another week.

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  1. gracious, Vicki. That sounds dramatic. Did you twist his pinky or your're a brave soul. Thank God Evangel was ok.