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Friday, March 28, 2014

Global Grandma

 Hermana Consuelo greets her newest grandson, Nathanael, at the airport.  She had just flown from Guatemala to Houston to London to Cape Town, and she arrived in fine style.  She wasn't frazzled at all, just calm, dignified, and glad to be on her own two feet again. 
 Hermana Consuelo (Sister Consuelo) had never met Connie, 3, or Daniel, 5, either.  She hadn't seen Gloria in 14 years!  She also had never been on an airplane before.
 I am calling her "Wonder Woman" (though much better dressed than the famous one ; - )  for daring to come this far without being able to speak the language, or to read or write. 
 James and Gloria are enjoying showing her some of the pretty sights of Cape Town.  I hear she really liked the trip to Simon's Town to see the penguins...
but she drew the line at riding camels.  Connie wouldn't do it either, so Daniel had to be the brave guy who went up on the tall camel. 
I can't believe I'm missing this epic visit!  But I'm so thrilled for Gloria to have her mom for 3 months after 14 years!  She once told me she had 3 big prayer requests 1) a baby 2) a house 3) to see her mom again.  She had to wait 11 years for her first baby, and the house came about three years after that.  Now the last one has been granted!  I thank the Lord! 


  1. Our God is sooooo gracious. What a miracle. I am so proud of Hmna. Consuelo.

    1. Now it's your turn to visit, and I can do a blog on you. I'm impressed with her too. Her diabetes is freaking Gloria out a little though and I'm pretty useless in that department.