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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fun Day at KSB

On the road again--first family trip of 2014 finds
 us in Virginia.  This is not Virginia, USA, but Virginia in the Free State in South Africa.  Paul has been able to preach and draw 11 times this past week.
 We have been staying in a most unusual place.  Kwasizabantu Mission has been given the use of a defunct mining network of buildings.  It's huge.  It was used to house over a thousand people before.  The hostel they gave us to sleep in could house 100 people easily, so the five of us have lots of room to rattle around in there. This is a little more elbow room than we're used to. 
 Wheat, from seed to feed in 9 days!  Wow!
 We really enjoyed seeing their hydroponics project.  They said they learned how to do it on You tube. 
 My boys think it is hilarious that this mission dog's name is Vicky.  She's probably a very noble beastie. 
 Three times Paul preached in the evenings to the KSB people and guests.  We're enjoying getting to know them.  I was fascinated by the egg cartons used to help with acoustics.
 I got a close up to show our friends the Kers. 
 Josh was thrilled when  a school gave Paul a pack of biltong with chocolates on top.  This is a top-of-the-line gift as far as he is concerned.  Yum! 
 As part of Fun Day today, there were game stations where the children could go to play games.  The boys gravitated to shooting.  Tim won a prize for best adult shooter which was quite a big moment for him. 
 There was a competition to see who could string the most beads in a few seconds. 
 Evangel didn't play much, but she helped out with the flour digging game.  Little toys were hidden in that huge tub of flour and the kids had 15 seconds to see how many they could find.  There also was a bit of a flour fight at times. 
"How good and how pleasant for men to dwell together in unity.  " 

We're thankful for the many ministries of KSB.  They are quite an example of industry in their outreaches and businesses. 
There is a bakery, school, farm, and constant evangelism.  There is constant vigilance needed as thieves try to steal their copper wiring. 

We first heard of Kwa Sizabantu by reading God Among the Zulus.  We're thankful to be friends with so many of them. 


  1. Sounds like an interesting place. Although not as interesting as the main headquarters, I guess. Congrats to Tim. My forte would be the bead stringing, heheh. I like the acoustic aid. And Vicky, too. :-)

  2. It was easier to get to know people than at the big KSB. Vicky was a honey.
    It's kind of thrilling to get a comment. Comments have been in drought.